Waterproofing Contractor Singapore

Facing water seepage issue that makes your wall, ceiling or piping look ugly? Reno Pro is here to help you with water seepage solutions!

It may be a water seepage problem when there are droplets of water dripping from the ceiling, or your wall is perpetually wet with water flow lines and the wet stains are present. Some may be caused by rook leakage too which you may not be able to see it well. When it happens, stalactites may form and your paint may also peel. A high humidity environment from the water seepage may cause mould and algae to form.

As a professional waterproofing contractor, we are able to help you with your waterproofing issues be it for residential or commercial establishments.

It may be tough to figure out where the root of the water seepage is without experience. Thus, speak to us today for a professional diagnosis and your route to repair your water seepage problem!


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