Small Renovation Singapore

Small Renovation Singapore

Looking for small renovation works to be done to your home or commercial space that is within your budget and with quality workmanship?

Reno Pro offers various packages for you to select from and that includes minor renovation. It could be a design that has been on your mind for some time now that you want to change badly or it could be just a total relief to have a new design in a part of your space. We cater to it as well!

Work Within Your Budget and Plan

Most people think that renovation can only be done with a big sum of money and requires an extensive renovation at one go. This may not be the case if you have a plan, especially for small renovations. Renovation can be done at different stages according to your budget and plan.

Customize Your Renovation Plan According to your Priority

Just like furniture, you can add on or change accordingly to your priority on spending. Building a dream house can start any part of your house. Sometimes, you have to do minor renovation due to the defects , wear and tear on the current structure. You may also change the current look of your house without any reasons!

Our Professional Concierge Are At Your Service

We are always at your service. Contact us for professional consultation without obligations. We will help you to build your dream house without creating a hole in your pocket.


Questions? We will love to hear from you!


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No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.