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Tedious Process To Renovate Your Landed Property

It is not uncommon for the house owner to purchase an old house to renovate to the design and theme that they like. Existing house owners will consider home renovation when the structure is getting old or there is an increase in the members of the family. For any reasons, one must recognize that renovation job can be a big project to take off.

Criteria Need To Met Before Renovation

Depending on your property and type of renovation, you may need to obtain planning permission from URA. In order to qualify as an “Additions & Alternations” to a landed-titled residential property, there are certain criterias to meet.

Check if your renovation works are covered under the Planning Permission Exemption List. If they are not, you will need to obtain approval from URA.

Reno Pro Helps You Deal With The Whole Process Of Renovation

Frustrated with all these permits and requirements? Hiring a professional and experience renovation contract will definitely release you from these chores. A good and trusted renovation company will have the expertise to handle all these for you. Reno Pro is a trusted home renovation company in Singapore that only use quality products, right from start to finish.

We also offer a colossal range of designs to fulfill your dream capsule. Tune into our contemporary house renovations where we inspire you to sink into our soulful ambience. Get in touch with technology as we elevate your labyrinth to a modern mansion. Pamper yourself into your ideal theme and keep yourself constantly inspired. Take that step in our hands.

Live In Your Dream Home After The Reno

Combining the hard work of renovation and the finishing touches of style, Reno Pro shows how to make old homes both beautiful and livable for the 21st century.

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