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Have you gotten your new residential or commercial space? It is time to engage an Interior Designer to help you with your design needs.

At Reno Pro, our team of Interior Designers have done projects for numerous homeowners and business owners. The result is usually stunning interior beauty that facilitates space saving and practical solutions.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Professional & Experienced Interior Designer?

Hiring a professional interior home designer is a prudent move. This is because we are exposed to the industry’s products on a daily basis. In addition, we will approach the redesigning project with the right tools and equipment. Whether your building is a commercial establishment or a residential room, we offer equal quality.

Our experience comes in handy since our various clients request for different projects. Examples are restaurants, offices, schools, financial institutions, apartments, condos and HDB buildings among others.

Our work helps you save time. Instead of doing the refurbishing yourself, why not hire an experienced designer who will be able to advise you on what will work best based on what you want? Sometimes what you want may not be the best method, and a more cost effective or practical solution may be available.

Our 3D Drawing For A Condo

How We Work With You

At the beginning of the project, share your ideas with our Interior Designer. We will then study the current status of your home or workplace, and compare it to your requirements. We will then make recommendations such as a better room design and more suitable room decoration based on our expertise. We will then prepare a quote that breaks down the various costs.

As you seek our renovation services, rest assured that your space represents your personality. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors and business executives can impress their clients just by reorganizing the design and layout of their office space. It is therefore important to have your space designed to suit your profession.

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Save yourself the hassle of obtaining permits and other legal documents to do your renovation works. Our experienced team will settle these paperwork for you, complete with getting your dream home or office ready.



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