Home Renovation Singapore

Home Renovation Singapore

Looking for a reliable and trusted home renovation contractor in Singapore to achieve your dream home?

Discover the benefits of home renovation today and obtain these advantages at a reasonable price. At Renovation Contractors Singapore, we have the leading reno project manager and contractor. We have worked on different types of houses and hold exemplary experience.

Get Your Desired Home Look And Feel When You Engage Us

Rest assured of getting the desired look, feel and allure of your house, thanks to the expertise of our interior designers. We are interested in increasing the functionality of your living space. Firstly, we will send a designer to look at your home.

While there, tell us how you want us to customize your room. You can actually create more space by reorganizing the fixtures, furniture and equipment in your house. Do you want to have a modern kitchen or to repaint the walls to a more appealing colour? We will do exactly what you require.

Save Energy Costs With Our Recommended Equipment

Our renovation services actually help you save energy costs. This is especially true if you have a number of large appliances that consumes large volumes of power. Examples are HVAC equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, iron boxes and heaters among others.

At first, we investigate the insulation of the appliances in your condo, hdb or house. If we realize it is faulty, an electrical contractor will recommend the installation of new insulation. This is included in the pricing package. In addition, we may recommend solar or wind powered machinery to save your electricity consumption.

Your House Value Increases When It Is Well Renovated

As we implement reno and new design projects, we will increase the value of your house. Since the space and room looks just as new, you can rent it at a higher price than before. In addition, it will fetch you handsome profits should you decide to sell it in future. Read our contractor agreement, sign it and give us the go-ahead.

The way you use your bathroom, kitchen, living room and other rooms is set to change after our renovation work. The occupants of your house will get to enjoy increased safety and security. We will remove and dispose of all clutter that may cause accidents or risk hazards in your home. As clutter attracts pests and insects, you can rest assured that diseases and illnesses will be a thing of the past.

When we install functional appliances and fixtures, the look of your house becomes new. Your family, relatives and friends will enjoy spending time at your place. Get great-looking interior space as well as functional exterior.



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No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.