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Full Renovation Singapore

With our collective years of experience, we are well equipped to do a full renovation for any kinds of property and buildings. Quality workmanship and Professional service is our core.

Home Renovation

Due to the increase in the property price, developers are building smaller units than previous ones. Many of us will like to upgrade our home and at the same time, preserve the floor area we used to have.

Maximize Space and Get Your Desired House Look

The best solution is to do a full home renovation to maximize space and achieve the desired look of your house. Either that, or you can purchase a older house with your required space and do a full renovation.

Selling Off Your House? Fetch a Higher Price After Renovation

If you have decided to sell your old house, you may want to consider to renovate it to increase the chances to dispose and fetch a higher price in this competitive property market.

Commercial Renovation

Our professional team will provide a one-stop solution for you. Whether you require renovation for your Shop or Office space, we will be able to customize a renovation plan for you, while working with your budget and style that you want.

Hands Off While We Work On Your Plan

We believe that your management team should be stress free and no time wastage during the renovation planning process as well as the actual works. Our plan is such that you will be able to enjoy a seamless experience with full planning in place.

Commercial Renovation Services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Space Planning
  • Customisation and Workmanship
  • Project management



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No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.