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No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.

Reliable Renovation Contractor Singapore

Looking for Reliable Renovation Contractors in Singapore who keeps to their word and delivers on schedule according your expectations?

Reno Pro is a renovation contractor company that caters to private home owners and commercial renovation works. We have assisted thousands of homeowners and business executives achieve new and stunning design with their living and working spaces. We take pride in keeping to our schedule promised to you and we meet them 95% of the time!

Truth be told, sometimes unexpected situations may happen that affect the schedule. If it does happen, we will surely keep you informed and ensure that you still have a smooth experience with us.

Live In Your Dream Home

You too can rely on our experience and promise. Select from our range of packages or get a customized quote from us so thatnyour house truly becomes your dream home to live in! As you live in your house everyday, it is important to get the interior design right to maximize the space and get the style build to your likings.

Quality Workmanship With The Right Pricing

For a long time now, we have served the needs of Singapore private home owners and business owners with impeccable quality. If you want a good price for a high quality design, contact us today. Our professional concierge serves you with diligence regardless of your budget. We are driven by customer satisfaction which is why we have been trusted by so many customers in the past.

As one of the top reno companies in Singapore, our packages include installation of the most functional fixtures, equipment and designs that makes your space simply outstanding. All our works come with high quality workmanship and durability. More importantly, you can be rest assured of comfortable or luxurious living in your dream home.

Has Your Business Grown Such That You Need To Occupy More Space, Or Just Want A New Look?

We recommend you to renovate your office, business premises or commercial property if your business has grown. As more customers come in, more space will likely be occupied. Our interior designers within our renovation company will be able to advice you during discussion with us.

Renovation Process Made Easy

Our aim is to make your renovation plan as smooth and seamless as possible. Firstly, contact us and indicate your interest. We will assess the size and shape of your space as well as the furniture, machines, equipment and other things there in. Our concierge will advice you on the meet up with our reno expert who will advice you on the best space-saving approaches or that unique look that you have always wanted to do. Proposed supplies, materials schedule will be given to you for your approval. After the renovation, inspect the quality of our work and we will rectify any changes needed without a fuss!

Have Only A Vague Idea Of What You Want? No Problem!

If you have just a vague idea of the renovation plan for your home or commercial space, feel free to share with us and we will work out a plan based on the discussed. We like to renovate your space tastefully to fit the needs of all your occupants, otherwise why the need for a renovation, right?

For example, if your home has newborn or young children, senior citizens or others who require special appliances, let us know and make the most out of our vast experience.

Discuss With Us, No Obligations

Talk to us at Reno Pro, and we will be happy to embark on your project to make you another of our valued and happy customer.