Bathroom Renovation Singapore

If you are looking at doing a small renovation that involves just your bathroom without affecting the other parts of your house, we have just the service for you!

Reno Pro is happy to conduct renovation works for our clients no matter the size of the job, with the very same professional service that our concierge provides. This is because we understand that everyone’s requirements are different and we really want to make your home your ideal place.



To overlay 1 bathroom based on up to 4sqm (43sqft)

Supply, Delivery & Haulage of Builder Materials & Tiles Up to Site

Tiling Works

Plumbing Works

Ceiling Painting Touch Up

Clearance of Debris & Post Renovation Cleaning of Bathroom Site

Coordination Fees

$         3,900


Excavation Works & Application of HDB Permit

Supply, Delivery & Haulage of Builder Materials & Tiles Up to Site

Waterproofing, Cement Screeding

Tiling Works

Plumbing Works (including installation of new stainless steel piping)

Solid PVC Bi-Fold Entrance Door

Ceiling Painting Works

Replacement of Air-Con Drain Pipe

Clearance of Debris & Post Renovation Cleaning of Bathroom

Site Coordination Fees

$        5,850

Pricing may vary depending on size of bathroom

Enjoy Your Home And That Includes Your Bathroom

Home is where you relax and can finally lay back to enjoy after a long day at work or simply to rest and also spend your precious time with your family. It is important to have a cozy environment to live in and that includes our bathrooms. With just the right color combination from the tiles to the toilet bowl, flush and the pipes, it can add a cozy vibe, vintage feel or a contemporary feel! No more pipe water leakage, no more toilet flushes that doesn’t seem to stop.

Seamless Experience, Never Have A Headache of Where To Hang That Wet Towel Again

You will also get to select from bathroom appliances that will only improve your experience. From getting your shampoo and conditioners easily from the three-tier stainless steel rack to having your clothes and towel hangar available with space when you need it, it can save you from frustration!

We Customize & Recommend Your Bathroom Layout For You

We will be happy to customize a package according to what you need and we will advice you on what works and how we can put forward your renovation plan.

Professional Concierge To Support You

Reno Pro believes that renovation works can be made smoother and easier to bear with good support from concierge. Working out a schedule and an easy process for you so that you can have a peace of mind while the reno works are done is what we believe in. Reno works should not disrupt too much of your daily life at home.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our motivation. We want to provide only the best customer service to you when you engage us at Reno Pro. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we do our best to guarantee it.

If you are looking for bathroom renovation for your office or workplace, we can also come up with a customized quotation.

We are excited to hear from you. Drop us a message and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.