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Renovation Contractor Singapore

Are you looking for a Renovation Contractor in Singapore that is trustable, reliable and provides quality workmanship while maintaining affordable package prices?

Reno Pro is here for you. Our years of experience in this field has resulted in many happy customers who praise us for our services and the quality materials that we use, while meeting their project expectations in terms of price, quality and schedule. We are a register Pte Ltd company with presence in Singapore and Malaysia. We are committed to the quality of our workmanship and service provided. We conduct checks on the renovation work for done you before they are handed over for your approval.

Who Are We?

At Reno Pro, we are a team of professional Interior Designers and Renovators for private residential property, HDB as well as commercial projects. Our expertise is in both home and commercial renovation. Here at Reno Pro, our interior designers and consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and budget. We advice you according to your floor plan and budget. Our aim is to get it right with you at the very first proposal, similar to all our other projects. Reno Pro Concierge At Your Service Whether its your home, commercial, shop or office renovation works required, contact us and our concierge is happy to assist you, along with a free quotation, when we view your property. No pressure to sign any quote unless you really trust us and our work.

Why Us?

Our Interior Design Consultants and Renovation Contractors have an absolute insistence on excellence of work and punctuality, combined with the willingness to settle for nothing less. 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate As an accredited Renovation Contractor, we provide 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you want to completely renovate your building, create a new structure or design, turn your building into a different structure, you name it. Contact us. We promise to give you 100% satisfaction for the service you need at our company. Don’t settle for anything less than the design a professional contractor can offer. Talk to us today and see just what a different professionally done renovation plan and contractor that addresses the needs of your target market can do for you and your business or home.


Before, when we first moved into our new flat, we engaged a renovation contractor after giving them brief information based on the little information that we understand about interior design and renovation works process. As we were new to it, we agreed to the plan of the contractor who gave us verbal recommendations on how the interiors could be done. When the renovation was completed, our items just did not manage to fit into our storage space and we had to store many outside, which made our home look congested. Now that it is time to renovate our home again, we were determined to find a really reliable and trustworthy renovation contractor. We found Reno Pro online. Response to our enquiry was very prompt and an onsite visit was arranged. We were really pleased with the interior design that was proposed to us on top of the renovation works as it suited our needs very well. Now, all our storage spaces are well hidden behind various shelves that look like ordinary walls. We are able to declutter and finally live in a neat and beautiful looking home while having sufficient space to store our belongings. We highly recommend Reno Pro!

Alvin Ang

Owner of a Beautiful 5 Room Flat

Find and Choose The Right Renovation Contractor To Work With

In Singapore, owning a house is one of the top achievement in our lifetime. Upon receiving your keys, renovation is the 1st priority. With dreaming up the design, securing funds, scouting around to find a reno contractor and interior designer, you can renovate your dream house within your budget if you identify the suitable reno contractor. As an owner of an apartment, house or a new tenant of a commercial building, you may want to renovate your structure to best suit your personal taste and business image.

Given a fixed budget and time frame, how to maximise every cent to meet your requirements? Be it full renovation or small renovation, appointing the right contractor who take steps in understanding your requirements and budget is important.

How to Choose A Renovation Contractor?

Many owners and tenants do not have experience working with reno contractors and interior designers and are caught by discrepancies between the promised and final renovation works, with little recourse but to accept the shoddy delivery because of the vague contract. Before you engage a renovation contractor, never just go for the lowest quote. Points to note when comparing the quotation:

  • Specifications – different materials used can result in different quotes
  • Standard of workmanship and service provided
  • Any hidden cost, check if all the items discussed are quoted and included

All the requirements should be communicated clearly to the contractor and sign a renovation agreement.

Renovation Nightmares

  • Resulting from low quotation price with hidden costs,
  • Unrealistic promises,
  • Not on Schedule,
  • Poor workmanship with a lot of defects


Interior Design

Is your Interior Design chargeable ? Simple design is not chargeable unless you need a professional ID design. That will be subjected to a separate charge which we will advise you based on your requirements.

Renovation Time

How long will the renovation take? It is depending on the size of the project. Our contractor will let you know the gantt chart that shows the targeted schedule of works completion upon order confirmation.



Questions? We will love to hear from you!

No obligations meet up to view your property

We will be happy to arrange a meet up with you to have a look at your property and discuss more if you have more reno plans or require Interior Design services.